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Fable 2 Achievements

Well people big news, apart from my new haircut of coarse "Fable 2" as you know is being released on October 21st and i've just recently got my hands on the full list of achievements to get you a very difficult 100 points.
   I have to admit I have never played a Fable game in my very long life but i am definately going to give this a lash. My friend was always telling me of how a great game it was but i was to busy trying to get online at the time to even bother with it. I have to say i have played many games mostly shoot'em ups but i have never seen a line up of crazier strange achievements, for example -
The ParentHave a child, or be there for the birth of another Hero's child.10
doesnt that just seem odd to you, well it definitely raised my eyebrows when i glanced over them. Heres the full list of achievements from soon to come "Fable 2".

Fable 2 Achievements
The Pooch PampererPlay fetch with your dog, or see another Hero's dog play.5
The ArchaeologistDig up something the dog has discovered, or see another Hero do so.5
The Dog TrainerTeach your dog a trick, or see another Hero's dog learn one.5
The PersuaderConvince a villager to give you a present, or see another Hero do so.5
The Show-offImpress a villager with a perfect expression, or see another Hero do so.10
The RomanticTake a villager on a perfect date, or tag along to one. Location and expressions are all-important.10
The SpouseMarry a villager, or attend the wedding of another Hero.10
The ParentHave a child, or be there for the birth of another Hero's child.10
The HunterKill a sweet, innocent, fluffy bunny rabbit (remember, safety's off!)5
The GargoyleFind the gargoyles' legendary treasure.25
The Chicken KickerKick a chicken a good distance, or see one getting kicked.5
The Cliff DiverCliff dive 500 feet, or see another Hero do so.10
The WorkhorseA Hero must achieve a high-enough chain while performing a job.10
The Hero of Many NamesChange your Hero's title, or see another Hero change theirs.5
The TeaserMake bandits respond to expressions with fear, anger, mirth, and confusion... during combat!5
The Property MagnateA property must be sold for twice the price it was bought for.10
The RogueSteal something undetected from a building while there are people nearby, or see another Hero do so.5
The Illustrated HeroTattoo every part of your Hero's body, or see another Hero do so.5
The ExecutionerSacrifice ten people in the Temple of Shadows, or see another Hero do so.10
The GamblerA Hero must win 500 gold at a pub game in one sitting, having tried each game type at least once.10
The BigamistGet married a second time, whilst already married, or attend the second wedding of another Hero.10
The SwingerTake part in a debauched bedroom party with several participants.5
The Pied PiperStart a party where at least five villagers are dancing, or see another Hero do so.10
The Party AnimalGet five villagers drunk in under three minutes, or see another Hero do so.10
The Menace To SocietyCommit an act of public indecency, or see another Hero commit one.5
The Black KnightShoot the weapons from a hollow man's hands, blow off his head and then kill him for good!10
The DuellistString together a full-speed chain attack, or see another Hero do so.10
The SharpshooterHit three enemies with one shot, or see another Hero do so.10
The ArchmageA Hero must kill five human enemies with one spell.10
The Ruler of AlbionAmass a 2.5 million gold real estate empire, or be there when another Hero does.100
The HoarderCollect every silver key, or see another Hero do so.25
The GothA Hero must dye their hair black, and wear a black outfit and black makeup.5
The CompletionistGet all expressions, pet tricks and abilities, or see another Hero do so.50
The ParagonReach 100% good or evil, or see another Hero do so.15
The ExtremistReach 100% purity or corruption, or see another Hero do so.15
The CelebrityReach 50,000 renown, or see another Hero do so.50
The Artisan/td>Succeed at one job to Level 5, or see another Hero do so.10
The DollcatcherCollect all the Hero dolls, or see another Hero collect them.10
Inspire the Bard to compose songs celebrating your great deeds.5
The CompanionsPerform a perfect co-op expression.10
The Double ThreatGet a co-op combat bonus.10
The PhilanthropistSend a gift to an Xbox LIVE friend, or watch another Hero send one.10
The WhippersnapperA child Hero must collect five gold pieces.25
The New HeroThe terror of Bower Lake must be defeated.50
The Hero of StrengthComplete The Hero of Strength.100
The Hero of WillComplete The Hero of Will.100
The Hero of SkillComplete The Hero of Skill.100
The SacrificeA Hero must choose 'The Needs of the Many'.25
The FamilyA Hero must choose 'The Needs of The Few'.25
The EgomaniacA Hero must choose 'The Needs of the One'.100

Thanks for reading and until next time chow.

GearsofWar2 News

While i was broswing for a bit of info on GearsofWar2 i came across a bit of very intersetig info. A new multiplayer mode called Horde. Now in this game you can have up to 4 friends playing with you, you are faced with wave after wave of enemies starting off with the easy familiar ones then it gets gritty when the new enemies such as the mauler boomer and butcher boomer start their attack on your position. The key to winning here is teamwork, covering your teamates as they pick up weapons and ammo at the intervals between attacks. Also yeh its a survival mode so if you die you cant spawn again although as usual you can revive your downed enemies.
This mode will be played on 2 new maps these are "Day One" and "Avalanche", Day One is set in a city center and paints a disturbing picture of how things went down on emergence day. The stage is made up of a downtown city street, complete with movie theater. At its center is an emergence hole that offers an unpleasant surprise every so often: a rampaging worm that reaches out and chomps on anything that's unlucky enough to be close by. owever, the Avalanche level featured an even crazier interactive element, an actual avalanche that changed the layout of the level. What you have is a simple mountainside town, at least before the mighty rush of snow hits the level. The boxy level is bordered by structures that you can go in and explore, with a center area that has a gazebo-like structure with weapons to collect. The problem with the center area is that you don't want to be there when the snow hits, because you'll instantly die. Although the snow is dangerous, there are some nice perks to it. The biggest perk is that the level layout is changed by the snow and you'll be able to access different weapons, including some from the new weapon class being introduced in the game, the heavy-weapon class.
The mulcher is a powerful chaingun-like weapon that works in close quarters, and it has so much kick that it's tough to be too accurate. Its secondary fire lets you actually plant it in the ground and create a mobile turret with a limited range of fire. The challenge is that the weapon uses a heat system that will lock up the gun if you use it too often. To help you balance usage, you can manually cool it by flushing heat. The new mechanic is called active cooling and works like the active-reload system.
I've also learned that there wil be two new weapons, the mulcher(sounds cool) and the mortor. The mortar follows the same logic and lets you fire a cluster of powerful explosives that present a danger to anything around, including you. However, if you plant it in the ground, you'll get a range finder and be able to take out foes at a far range, which is incredibly handy. The downside to both weapons is that you'll move slowly with them, and using them on the fly isn't very effective.
I'll try and see if i can get more info on it but until then chow!!!


Get an early taste this October!!!!!

Activision has revealed Cod 5 WaW is going into beta production sometime in early October i think although there is a small snag. From what i can tell you have to register on the offical Cod website or pre-ordering the game at GameStop which seems strange. I dont know if thats true or not but i will inform you all when i get more info. Also i have heard that until Cod 5 comes Cod 4 online will be perkless which i wouldnt fancy myself but its not confirmed check Inside Xbox on your dashboard for that information.


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